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Body Contouring and Lifting

Body Contouring and Body Lift Procedures

Dr. English offers a number of procedures which can help restore the natural contours of your body. These include procedures to help restore your figure after major weight loss or correct some of the issues brought about by aging, including spider veins and sagging tummies, buttocks, hips and thighs.

"Body Lifting" designates skin removing and tightening procedures done to restore and improve body shape, primarily after significant weight loss. The weight loss is usually at least 50lbs but may be more than 100lbs, and often after bariatric, or weight loss, procedures such as gastric sleeve, lap band, or gastric bypass. Common body lifting procedures are lower body lift, extended abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), medial thigh lift, lateral thigh and buttock lift, brachioplasty (posterior arm lift), mastopexy (breast lift), chest plasty (breast tightening for men), and rhytidectomy (face and neck lift). All of these procedures can be combined with liposuction as an adjunct, but to achieve the desired contour improvements all require skin excision and usually long scars.

The most dramatic change is usually seen with a lower body lift — a circumferential (all the way around) lift of the lower torso that combines a tummy tuck with a lateral thigh and buttock lift. The lower body lift procedure was developed by the late Dr. Ted Lockwood, and Dr. English has been using his techniques, along with other techniques, for more then a decade, giving him much experience in all body lifting procedures.